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Del Mar
Santa Cruz

1985 Dealer letter & price sheet

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For Your Information

  • The easiest way to tell a early USA made (1960's) vs a Japanese/Korean (1980's 90's) made is if it has a bolt-on neck with a chrome 4 bolt plate shaped like a shield on the back of the guitar with the serial number on it, it is a USA made guitar.
  • The Santa Cruz is not listed on the "official" Fender website as a California Series Guitar.
  • Some acoustic/electric models were available with out electronics.
  • The model that is available in all three generations (60's, 80-90's, today) is the Malibu. 
  • The Santa Rosa was the forerunner of the Stratacoustic & Telecoustic.
  • If your acoustic/electric model has an adjustment knob with a "N" on it that is a notch filter pot to help prevent feedback.
  • Fender Wildwood acoustic guitar model source woods are injected with dye before harvesting to achieve the unique wood patterns and colors.

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