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Started CS guitar S/N database

Made In Korea / Made In Japan info.


Welcome to the family 1995 Fender Spring Hill LS-30 #292 of 440, made in the USA 


Check out the reference pics for Made in Japan California Series Acoustics, the Avalon & Catalina


Fender introduces the Elvis Kingman, the USA built Kingman C limited production, Sonoran SCE Thinline and Redondo CE 

12/5/2011 see above

I am attempting to assemble California Series (early) guitar serial numbers in order to create a database to document year of manufacture, general information, etc. If you have any input regarding serial numbers or want to send me the numbers from your guitar(s) please email me at the contact address below. 

12/30/2011   Completed 2-5-12

In the process of photographing all the California Series (early) for general identification and comparison.




Several years ago I saw a Fender California Series acoustic guitar, the Concord, on Ebay. I thought the"Strat"neck and headstock was very cool and the guitar looked nice so I took a chance and bought it for a very resonable price. When it arrived it was better looking than the pictures and it sounded OK for a low end priced  acoustic guitar. I did some research and discovered that there were about 28 different  acoustic guitars in the California Series. I thought that it would be fun to collect a few, the beginning of my quest. After researching on the internet I discovered that most "experts" deemed the series not collectable.  Maybe not to guitar gurus but the beauty and decent sound make them very collectable to me and hopefully to many more people. They appear on Ebay and Craigslist pretty often but there are some models that never see that light of day and to me since none of the guitars are being made anymore with the exception of the "modern" Malibu, Kingman, and Newporter they are worthy of being collected and appreciated.  

Earl Gardner

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