Fender California Series Acoustic Guitars

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Starting to gather and assemble a Fender California Series S/N Database. Click on the new link. Please email me your serial number(s) from your guitars so I can chronologically begin to try and date S/N's. If you are an original owner of any of the CS models please indicate date of purchase and any history you may have, credit will be given in database for your input.   See my email address below. 

This site is dedicated to the Fender early California Series Acoustic Guitars, 1982-1995. They were made in Japan and Korea. They all feature, with the exception of the Santa Maria 12 string, a Fender Stratocaster style neck and headstock design.

There is also a forerunner to the California Series introduced in the mid sixties, the Concert, Palomino, Folk, Newporter, Wildwood, Redondo, Malibu and King (later changed to Kingman), with "strat" style headstocks in 6 string, and Villager and Shenandoa XII 12 string 6 on each side. These mid sixties acoustics are made in the USA and are more collectable value wise since they tend to sell for much more than their original list price. 

If you have any input regarding any aspect of the series please send me an email.


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